About Us

Monadnock Berries is a pick your own blueberry, raspberry, gooseberry and currant farm with a view that will make you want to stay forever. This is exactly what happened to the Levick family when we first drove up to the 225 year old farm in 1995, fresh off the airplane from England. The kids felt it was a long way from town, Anthony thought that while he had grown apples, black currants and all manner of fruit & veg before, he had never tried blueberries… Fenella thought “WOW! I don’t care if the house is a mansion or a shack. I don’t care if the bushes are neglected or even dying. This is beautiful and we want to live here!” Generally, when Mom says “we” want something, we want it. End of discussion. This farm is possibly one of the best things that ever happened to our family. It is a labour of love, sweat, determination, resilience, patience, ingenuity, cooperation and all the other things it takes to make a living from growing food (magic perhaps)!

Since that fateful day we have added four acres of raspberries (some on rented land up the road), one acre of currants and gooseberries, 10 or (something?) of blueberries that we are still planting, five hoop houses for strawberries, black raspberries and other season-extending experiments, a barn for wedding receptions, a tent & platform for bigger parties, a pergola at a wedding ceremony sight, a “brides cabin”, a few more bathrooms, some nice parking lots, picnic tables, two sand boxes, some goats, donkeys, two dogs, and various people who have since become absorbed into our family. We also started a nano-brewery in 2015: Granite Roots Brewing! We make specialty fruit ales made with our fruit, and some traditional ales for the less adventurous among you.

As far as fruit growing pracitces, Farmer Levick uses Integrated Pest Management practices minimizing the use of chemicals, integrating the use of beneficial insects and natural fertilizers, and acting only on the specific problems that may arise in a season instead of blanket-spraying regardless of pests present. You should still wash all fruit immediately before consuming, rather than before you store them, so you can preserve the integrity of the fruit (no mushy berries, thanks). We are extremely proud of the fruit we grow, and we expect you will love it as much as we do!