BLUEBERRY PICKING WILL BEGIN JULY 15th for the 2018 season.

The best picking is from the first until the third week of August.  While we sometimes stay open into late September, the extreme rain in August damaged our crop and we will likely not have enough to stay open after Labor Day.

Tips for picking:

*Bring a belt so you can loop your bucket handle through it, allowing both hands free to pick berries.
*Bring a hat, sunscreen, and water – there is very little shade once you are in the field.
*You must pick berries into our buckets – lined with perforated bags (so they can breathe) but you may bring trays or large containers to tip them into after you pay if you so desire.
*If it is a wet day (as so many are this summer) bring a raincoat as the bushes will remain wet… then so will you. Plan to dry your berries off in front of a fan & on a layer of paper towels before you store them.

We have 12 acres of cultivated blueberries (larger and more fleshy than the “wild” blueberries that are farmed in Maine).
Our varieties are Earliblue, Blue Crop, Blue Ray, Collins, Berkeley, Elliot, Coville, Nelson, and Brigitta.

Follow us for picking updates.

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