Garden Center on Rt 12, Troy

will reopen mid-spring & our nano-brewery Mooselick Brewing should open in July!

You will find the usual fresh vegetables, milk, cheese and delectable local goodies in the farm stand of our PYO farm, 3 miles up the road.

See you next season..

Our staff has a wealth of gardening and farming knowledge. We can help you create a beautiful bed of annuals, your first vegetable garden or help you plan a berry field or peach orchard. We offer weekend workshops in the spring, can help you troubleshoot problems with existing blueberry plants and can supply the freshest fruits and vegetables on your way home on Rt 12 in Troy, New Hampshire.

Monadnock Berries 2012 Brambles

Summer Raspberries
Prelude – Earliest – Expect to pick your first raspberries starting July 4th. This bramble is a vigorous grower and benefits from tipping June for extra yield. These full flavored berries have a second smaller crop in the fall.

Encore – Late – Expect your berries to be ripe by July 25th. This variety is hardy and rampant with a few prickles. The fruit is large, pale red in color, with a subtle flavor.

Taylor – Late – (Heirloom). The best flavored variety of late raspberry. Hardy, vigorous, and productive. The berries are medium to large and firm.

Fall Raspberries
Poloana – Early Fall – Expect to pick your first berries around September 4th. These berries are compact, juicy, and yield a heavy crop. They are winter hardy too.

Caroline – Expect your berries to be ripe by September 10th. This is the most popular fall bramble with good reason. The berries are firm, juicy, and full of rich flavor producing high yielding, high quality fruit.

Jewel *Black Raspberry – Summer – Expect to pick these berries mid July. They have a season of just two weeks. Although the berry is delicate, it ahs a rich and juicy full flavor that is worth th wait. This bramble is vigorous and neds a trellis for support.

Illini Hardy *Blackberry – You will have heavy crops of shiny black medium sized fruit. Vigorous and quite winter hardy, grows erect and has thorns.

Chester *Blackberry – The best thornless variety available. The berries are large and of high quality, they maintain their shine during hot weather, fairly winter hardy.

Prime Jim *Blackberry – Larger berries than Prime Jan but not so abundant. The berries are firm and a little less sweet than the other varieties.

Prime Jan *Blackberry – These are smaller and sweeter berries than Prime JIm, also slightly earlier fruiting and more productive.

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