Gooseberry season is from July 12th through the last week of July, 2018. We have a couple of patches around the farm, so ask for the best picking.

Gooseberries are usually ready from the first until the third week of July during normal seasons. They are rather like sour grapes, or sweet and sour grapes. The green variety is sweeter than the red variety, and the pink are somewhere in between – so don’t be a gooseberry fool!

Like apples, some varieties are green some are supposed to be red & the different varieties we grow vary with sweetness and texture. Poorman are small and softer, great for making Gooseberry Fool, Careless are large, firm and are difficult to cook with because they are so delicious and refreshing you might eat them all fresh off the bush!

We have a row of Poorman and Careless, Tixia and Invicta. We just planted another fifteen rows of gooseberries along with the older bushes that line our front lawn.

Follow us for picking updates.

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