PYO Fruits

"Careless" Gooseberries


Gooseberry season is from July 12th through the last week of July, 2018. We have a couple of patches around the farm, so ask for the best picking. Gooseberries are usually ready from the first until the third week of July during normal seasons. They are rather like sour grapes, or sweet and sour grapes. [...]

Red Currants

Red Currants

Redcurrant season is from July 12 to early August, 2018. They usually start and end one week before black currants. These jewel-like berries are strongly tart-sweet so add an kick to salads, pies, tarts, summer puddings and other baked berry treats. They are often used atop cheesecakes, and in jellies and sauces for meats. Those [...]

black currants


Black currant season is usually from the third week of July through the first week of August, but it does depend on whether the growing season is early or late. Tell your friends and neighbors, as these musty jewels of flavor are hard to find in New England, and coveted by those who grew up [...]



Raspberries usually crop from July 12th until late July / early August. We grow 4 acres of summer raspberries between the home farm and one 1/4 mile before the home farm on West Hill Rd. When picking raspberries remember a few things: *Raspberry bushes are brambles, meaning they have prickers. *Lift the branches up as raspberry [...]

blue berries


BLUEBERRY PICKING WILL BEGIN JULY 15th for the 2018 season. The best picking is from the first until the third week of August.  While we sometimes stay open into late September, the extreme rain in August damaged our crop and we will likely not have enough to stay open after Labor Day. Tips for picking: [...]