PYO Fruits


Black Raspberries

Black raspberry season stretches from late July to early August. We have VERY FEW black raspberries this year as the canes were chewed by porcupines so PLEASE CALL AHEAD if you are coming specifically for these berries. They are NOT THE SAME as wild blackberries, they are earlier, larger, jucier and sweeter. Their thorns are [...]

"Careless" Gooseberries


Gooseberry picking is done for the 2013 season. Gooseberries are usually ready from the first until the third week of July during normal seasons. They are rather like sour grapes, or sweet & sour grapes. The green variety is sweeter than the red variety, and the pink are somewhere in between – so don’t be [...]

Red Currants

Red Currants

Alas, the red currants could not take the heat! We are done picking for the 2013 season, but froze many berries before they dropped off so you should see some jellies and concoctions later in the season. These jewel-like berries are strongly tart-sweet so add an kick to pies, tarts, summer puddings and other baked [...]

black currants


Black currants will be ready for picking around July 15th through the 4th week of July, 2013. Black currants are extraordinarily high in vitamin C and other essential nutrients, so much so that blackcurrant cordial can be the main source of vitamin C for British children. They have a strong, unique, earthy flavor that is [...]



The raspberry crop is over for 2013, look for next year’s crop in early July. They will then crop until late July / early August.¬†We grow 4 acres of summer raspberries between the home farm and one 1/4 mile before the home farm on West Hill Rd. When picking raspberries remember a few things: *Raspberry [...]

blue berries


Blueberry picking ended on Labor Day, 2013. Expect next year’s crop in mid-July. The best picking is from the first until the third week of August. Berries become scarce in late August, but we will stay open until September 2nd. Tips for picking: *Bring a belt so you can loop your bucket handle through it, [...]